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brazillian butt lift training

brazillian butt lift training

Course Price : $1399 Including Machine

Are you a business owner in the beauty care industry looking to harness the surge in popularity of the vacuum therapy to increase your income?
This training on vacuum therapy will walk you through the steps to take advantage of this unique opportunity that you must seize quickly!!

What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment. It is performed with suction cups that suck on the skin, enabling the stimulation and irrigation of the lymphatic system and blood vessels. As a result, the skin gains a natural and firm appearance. The main purpose of vacuum therapy is to draw out fatty tissue and direct it directly to the lymphatic system.

The number 1 advantage of vacuum therapy is its very rapid effects. As a matter of fact, a firmer and lifted bum is observed from the very first session. The objective of the vacuum therapy is to enlarge this area of the body by concentrating the fat with the suction cup-fitted machine. The vacuum therapy machine essentially sucks on your buttocks, causing the body fat to firm them up and provide a long-lasting and permanent toning effect.

Vacuum therapy is currently experiencing an extraordinary rise in popularity in Europe and America! Despite the current huge demand in USA, there are only a few places offering such a service. This demand is present just about everywhere in the world.

Regardless if you are an independent aesthetician, a beauty salon owner or an aesthetics institution, and no matter where you are in Europe, the truth is those who will be the first to know how to grab this opportunity will benefit most from the economic spin-offs of this great business niche!

Whats Included:

  • Training Manual
  • 6 hour Training Class
  • Vacuum Therapy Machine w 6 blue cups (3 sizes)
  • Disposables for service and Safety disposables for current salon safety practice