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Teeth Whitening

Why with "k" is the best option for you

One of the most common complaints about teeth whitening is dental hypersensitivity after whitening. The reason for this is simple: Most teeth whitening gels de-hydrate the enamel, so when the teeth re-hydrate naturally in the first 24hours some people have sensitivity. With K uses Pre whitening swabs which are quite innovative in the way the dental liquid contained inside, penetrates inside the enamel rods to pre-hydrate the teeth to prevent or minimize post dentinal sensitivity.


Our Hydrogen Peroxide gel has been used in worldwide research, including the prestigious "American Journal of Dentistry".


What to expect?

Relaxing, noninvasive, virtually pain free and enamel safe treatment to brighten and whiten your smile!!
Pure Image Canada exclusive pre whitener removes surface stains (such as coffee, wine, fruits etc. ) which will also hydrate your teeth before starting the whitening process. Hydrating your teeth prior to the waiting process is extremely important for the safety and care of your teeth. With K uses 16% pure hydrogen peroxide as the whitening agent (over the counter white strips and trays you do at home are a max of 3%) each tooth will be done by hand. Whitening agent is activated with a LED cool blue light. With K does not use UV or heat during this process which is another reason With K is the way!


After Care

Thank you for choosing with K for your cosmetic teeth whitening. For the next 24 hours your teeth will be in the whitening stages. The 24 hours after your appointment you must follow the “white diet” and guidelines provided. Contact us for more details.

White Options

Plain Chicken, White rice, Pasta with Alfredo Sause, Yogurt, Cereal, White Wine, White Cheddar Cheese, Bread without dyes or spices.

"Teeth whitening is non invasive and perfectly safe when administered by a trained professional"

Common Questions

There is no one answer. Everyone’s teeth and lifestyle are different. However most clients will return once or twice a year for upkeep.

Before pictures are taken by myself, after pictures aretaken why clients. Full potentian of whitening is completed 24 hours after treatment.

Yes, This whitening process will be able to remove surface stains. However the whitening gel will not change the original colour of the Venere or cap.

  • Listerine
  • Coffee, Red Wine, Dark Soda, Tea: including herbal, sport drinks etc.
  • Read Meat
  • Chocolate
  • Spices: Cajun, Turmeric, Cayenne (stains)
  • Leafy Greens, Peppers, Beets
  • Smoking(try your best)
  • Soya Sause, BBQ Sause
  • Acid Foods.

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