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Body Contouring and
Skin Tightening

HI-EMT is a device designed for aesthetic purpose, having 4 (four) applicators with higher intensity. It’s cutting-edge technology in non-invasive body contouring, as it not only BURNS FAT, but also BUILDS MUSCLE.

What is it?

HIEMT is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that destroys fat and strengthens muscles. It helps build muscle and burns fat in 30-minute sessions. We couple this with our other services to help shape and contour your areas of concern. A single Emslim session causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions that improve the tone and the strength of your muscles. Basically, this machine can cause your body to complete 20,000 muscle contractions in one session. So, 20,000 sit-ups or squats in one 30-minute session!

How Does it Work?

The focused electromagnetic field can pass through all the layers of the skin and fat to stimulate all 4 layers of muscle to contract. By utilizing this technology for body contouring procedures, we can strengthen and re-educate the muscles via interaction of the magnetic field with the tissue of the client without the burden on the skeleton. It uses a specific range of frequencies that does not allow the muscle to relax in between contractions. The muscle is forced to remain in a contracted state for multiple seconds. The benefits are that the muscle is strengthened without stress on the joints or the skeletal system. Using Emslim will implode the fat cells while simultaneously building muscle fibers for better defined abdominal contouring and/or a rounder rear-end.

The Results:

A 19% loss after 4-6 treatments

An approximate increase in muscle fibers of 16%

What Areas Can I Work On?

Treatment areas include:





HIFU Facial or Body

HIFU is historically known for its use in treating cancer. The first reported use of HIFU for aesthetic use was in 2008.

HIFU is a body skin tightening procedure that helps you lose those unwanted inches and remove stubborn pockets of fat that are a struggle to shift. Unlike laser treatments, the high intensity focused ultrasound technology (HIFU) can target deeper into the structural issues. It’s high frequency of ultra waves results in a rapid heating of the focal zone at 3 depths; 1.3cm, 9mm and 6mm under the skin. This targeted energy destroys fat cells and in turn firms and tightens the skin.

The damaged cells are then flushed from the body via a natural removal process that continues for up to 3 months. Supported by researchers in dermatology, the use of ultrasound is “efficacious for skin rejuvenation, body contouring, and reduction of cellulite of the face, décolletage, abdomen, and thighs”. HIFU treatments are highly effective in sculpturing and toning multiple problem areas of your body.



✓ Abdomen
✓ Inner and outer things
✓ Hips
✓ Back
✓ Buttocks
✓ Inner arms


Ultrasound technology is completely safe and is used for a 

variety of clinical treatments. In just one treatment, you can

expect to see an average reduction of up to 1 inch from the 

treatment area.

Which parts of the body is the treatment most effective in?

HIFU is ideal for abdomen fat, body contouring post 

pregnancy tummy, excess fat on your arms

(also known as bingo wings), bingo wings, thighs and under 

the buttocks, for a non-surgical bum lifting effect.


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HIFU 90 Days After

Waist Slimming

Benefits of waist slimming:  Lose inches from your belly, target stubborn areas like the dreaded belly pooch and love handles, improves the overall appearance of your skin, plus, RF helps build and repair your collagen, leaving you with a tighter more smoothed look to your skin. 

How waist slimming works:  We use an Ultrasonic Cavitation probe that uses low frequency sound waves to heat and vibrate the layer of fat cells below the skins surface. The pressure causes the fat cells to liquefy & their contents are released into your bloodstream. These fat cells are disposed of through your lymphatic system (you pee them out!). Lastly, we use a Radio Frequency probe that heats the skin using energy causing an increase in collagen production resulting in tighter, more lifted skin immediately. Lastly we have you use our HyperVibe body Vibration Machine. Lymph drainage is one of the most popular benefits of using a vibration machine.

Effects/Risks:  increased urination, due to your lymphatic system working hard to remove the liquified fat cells. 

Time: approx. 1 hour.

Optimal Results: 6-12 sessions

Wait Period: 3 sessions per week is  recommended for best results. Minimum 24 hours between each session is recommended to ensure your body has time to drain out the liquefied fat cells.

Cellulite Reduction

Benefits:  Reduces/eliminates cellulite, reduces fluid retention, improves lymphatic drainage & circulation of blood, increases metabolism.

How it works: Using ultrasonic Cavitation we are able to break down stubborn fat deposits causing the cellulite on your arms, inner and outer thighs, back, belly, butt, and love handles. After these fat cells have been broken down we use Radio Frequency to stimulate collagen production. Lastly we perform a vacuum massage that further breaks down the cellulite & stimulates your lymphatic system. 

Effects/Risks:  Mild redness to skin 

Time: Approx.  60 mins.

Optimal Results:  6-12 sessions

Wait Period:  3 sessions a week are recommended for optimal results with 24-48 hours between sessions

Vacuum Therapy

  • Butt Lift
  • Breast Lift
  • $50 per session for July reg $100 per Session